Online Backups

Backup and backup OFTEN!  There is no such thing as safety and data security without a proper backup plan.  Our online backup system is perfect for the adminstrator or business owner who believes in the ‘set it and forget it’ way of thinking.  Our system is tried and true – it just works.

It starts out with a ‘seeding’ process to copy the initial data store to our datacenter host.  This can be done either online through an existing Internet connection or it can be seeded using a local backup to an external USB drive or flash disk which is then picked up at your location or can be mailed into us.  Once the initial seed is in place, the only thing that goes across the wire are the ‘differences’ in blocks where the file has changed.  If you have a large file and make minor changes, only the isolated changes in that file are transmitted across your connection.

Using SSL encryption in transit and block-level encryption in storage, your data is assured to be safe.  You can pick your own password for the encryption algorithm to ensure that only YOU can get to your data.  Please note that if you lose your password, even OffsiteHOST can’t help you get into those files!

For laptops, backups occur regardless of where you are in the world, since all you need is an active Internet connection.  You can specify certain times of day, CPU utilization, and even the amount of bandwidth to use during backups.  It does version control across days, weeks, months, or even years.  Just specify the retention period and forget about it until you need it.  Trust us - you’re bound to need it at some point and you’ll be glad you have it!

Online Backup Features

Complete control over your account can be done through our secure web-based control panel.  You can enable technologies such as PHP and ASP, you can set default pages, create SQL databases, configure user accounts, and even use our web-based file management utility.
With a bullet-proof infrastructure of RAID arrays on redundant storage networks, clustered hosts, replicated servers, and offsite backups, we highly doubt that you will even think of wanting to go anywhere else!  Our Service Level Agreement leaves nothing to chance and we are sure that you will be happy with our idea of excellent customer service.  In the event that you are dissatisfied for any reason, however, we offer a 100% money-back refund on our services for a full 45 days!
When it comes to support, we are there!  We generally answer the phone before it goes into voice mail, and if/when it does go to voice mail, you will be guaranteed to get a call back right away.  We don't use hold queues and we don't outsource to countries that are merely cheaper to operate.  I guess you could say that we do things the old-fashioned way - we actually answer the phone!